The CASIO G-SQUAD will pair to a smartphone app to support daily fitness activities


Casio will release a new series in the G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches, the G-SQUAD series, equipped with a 3-axis acceleration sensor that can pair with a smartphone app to support daily fitness activities. The first watch to be released in the G-SQUAD series is the GBA-800, available in six models. The GBA-800 uses its built-in accelerometer to measure daily steps taken and walking/running pace, displaying on the watch the steps taken. Using Bluetooth, the watch will pair with a smartphone and send data to the G-SHOCK Connected app, allowing users to track and view their daily steps and calories burnt. The number of steps measured is displayed in a graph that breaks down the steps taken in each of five metabolic equivalent (MET) levels, based on the step count and walking/running pace data, using the new algorithm developed by Casio. When using a smartphone while engaging in an activity, the G-SHOCK Connected app graphically displays the steps are taken and calories burned on a map, enabling tracking the steps taken and location, time of day, and MET level. The user can also create timed workouts for interval training, providing a new way to use a G-SHOCK for health tracking and fitness. The GBA-800 watches come in monotone colour palettes and offer analogue hands for a timepiece look. The GBA-800 keeps accurate time by connecting four times per day to a time server through a paired smartphone, delivering performance and practicality.

Main Features of GBA-800
Step Tracker

  • Displays the steps taken and calories burned. Calendar activity display, steps are taken graph broken down by MET level (daily/weekly/monthly), steps taken and calories burned map display.


  • Configure up to 20 sets of five timers. Create workouts with timers for interval training.
  • Lists recorded stopwatch data and sets the target time.
  • Easily set the dual-time display choosing from some 300 cities worldwide from the G-SHOCK Connected app.
  • Automatically corrects the home and world-time including adjusting for daylight saving, four times per day.
  • Phone Finder function enables a smartphone alarm to be activated by pressing a watch button.
  • Easily set time, including alarms, adjusting hand positions and time switching.